About Gina

Hi, Kia Ora & Welcome….

I’m Gina from beautiful New Zealand.
Helping you with inspiration to take the first step towards adventure, freedom and the wanderlust spirit.

“You can never cross an ocean until you have the courage to lose site of the shore” – Christopher Columbus

My story……..

I was coming up 40, yes damn 40 years old. I just couldn’t get my head around this. Where did time go?

I had just come out the other end of a bad relationship break up, having to pay out my partner and continue to build the house we were working on at the time. I was also running my own business and trying to keep it “altogether”.

I had the beautiful house, my own business but I was barely treading water. On top of this I had no life.

So after a short but whirl-wind romance, where I got to visit Thailand for the first time. I had an epiphany!

Life is short, what to do I love doing, what gave me passion? TRAVELING.

So in brief  I sold up, down sized. Booked a one-way ticket to Paris. With not a lot of money but a whole lot of determination and passion I headed off and spent my 40th birthday with the most amazing people in France. Then spent the next 8 months working and traveling through the UK, Europe, Turkey and Morocco.

I had amazing support from family and friends and without them I wouldn’t have been able to make this all happen. But since then I have made it my mission to see the world, meet people from all walks of life and keep on learning and growing as much as I can

Since then I have visited 23 countries and try to get away as much as possible when I can. No I’m not rich and yes I still have a day job, but my goal is to make my passion my living. To share inspiration with others. That no matter what your goal is it’s NEVER to late to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! So don’t let your age, or financial standing hold you back.

I’d like to share ways you can do this too.

Follow me on my adventures to inspire you to do what makes you passionate, and on the way you might pick up some great travel hacks too.

A little bit about what I do and love….

In my spare time I love creating things. Whether I’m doing reno’s on my home, mucking around in the garden or up-cycling something I found. I’ve usually got a hammer in my hand. I hang out with my rescue dog Bella and she’s my best buddy. I also own a goat and a cat called Mr Fuffles… I didn’t name him.

At the moment I’m an earth moving machine operator, driving excavators, bulldozers etc and handle all admin/H&S. Yes Girls can do anything! Previously I owned my own business for 9 years and had my first co-opp business at 18. When I sold up I worked as a live-in carer in the UK (which I had never done before), was a barmaid and a carer here in NZ for a tetraplegic man. Boy that was a learning curve!

When I go overseas I love to volunteer or do WorkAway/WWOOF exchanges. It’s an awesome way to spend time in a country, save money and give back to people.

I love Thai food, hot climates (hate the cold) spending time with my friends, a good massage and a hot shower. OMG it’s not until you haven’t had a good shower in a while you realise how precious this little thing is. Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain….oh waiting that’s a song!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and reading this. I hope to see you back here sometime soon.

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