Adventure awaits……Never settle.




2017 is fast approaching…………………Adventure awaits.

As I look back on 2016 and especially the last 5 years a lot has happened.

Everything and nothing has changed. Yes a total contradiction but true in a sense on how my life has played out in resent years.

In May 2011 I left New Zealand for Paris on a one-way ticket. My 40th birthday was looming and I suppose I was running away from facing that reality.

I had come through a bad separation, building a house on my own, running a business, being single and coming up 40. My friends were great support but I definitely felt like a 3rd wheel. Along with small town talk which quite often exaggerates your life. Soon you find out your up to stuff you didn’t even know about! Anyone whose experienced small town gossip knows what I’m talking about. Being single and “ready to mingle” as they say, you suddenly become a threat. Even though that was the furthest thing from my mind. I had a couple of whirl wind love affairs and one dysfunctional “friends with benefits” relationship, but nothing too serious. I was managing the mortgage but only just after paying my partner out and I was always on the go with work. I was running over the same old tread mill, something had to give.

To put it in a few words I was bloody over it!

So I started planning and set a goal. I got my UK passport, did a few interviews online for work in the UK, and joined WWOOF a work in exchange for food/board organisation so I could save money while traveling. Then booked a one-way ticket to Paris. There was no going back now.

So just before my 40th birthday I left with very little money, one thousand pounds to be exact. Even though I previously had a business and home I sold up just to come out with enough to buy myself another small property and a little money to leave behind to pay the mortgage for 6 months, but not much else.( Note to self; Separations are not cheap! )

I ended up being away for 8 months, only coming home early for my brother and sister’s weddings. My 40th birthday was spent in Paris, OMG what a week that was! I worked for 3 months solid as a live in carer in the UK this funded the rest of my travels. It was damn hard work but worth it. I worked on an Estate in Wales and a farm in Morocco WWOOFing, again this saved me money. I travelled through Europe,Morocco and Turkey. Met some amazing people and did some pretty cool shit. This literally was the best year of my life!



I proved if you set your sights on a goal with so much passion and determination anything is possible!

Since then I’ve been a live in carer & health care worker ( even though I’d never even changed a baby’s nappy). I have done WWOOFing in Morocco & Wales, Volunteer work in Thailand, and WorkAway worker in Italy. Worked a summer in a busy beach pub, and now I drive earth moving machines for a contracting company. Even though only 4 years ago the closest thing to a digger or bulldozer I had driven was a tractor. Now I’m also a health & safety rep and doing general accounting for the company. Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

I’ve travelled to 23 countries, brought, sold & moved properties, and recently built myself a studio shed to live in. I started this blog and learnt and I’m still learning a hell of a lot of IT stuff…I now know that a widget is!

So yes the last 5 years have been busy and things have changed a lot, BUT……..

The nothing has changed I mentioned earlier is I’m still single and have some of the same insecurities that come with baggage you carry over from those failed relationships, but I’m slowly getting rid of that excess baggage.

God if I had a gold coin for every time someone asked me ” why are you single?”. You know what I don’t bloody know, how long is a piece of string? May be I’m a total bitch? Who knows, I do live in a town of 7000 so the odds are not good. Maybe I don’t want to settle for just anyone. But being by myself is not all bad. I have learnt a lot being on my own, considering from 13 to 37 years old I had been in long term relationships.

Every shitty situation I like to think has a silver lining. Even though you might have to give it time to look back and recognise this. If my partner and I hadn’t separated I wouldn’t have had the amazing experiences over the last 5 years. I wouldn’t have the confidence I have now and the decisiveness to know what I don’t want. I know I don’t want to “settle” to keep everyone but myself happy. Being single isn’t the end of the world nor not having children. I’m doing OK!

If you aim high for what ever goal you want don’t let anyone bring you down or let obstacles get in your way. Just use them as ways of thinking outside the box to get around them. Have passion and determination, then anything is possible!

Don’t let age or circumstance stop you following your true desire, it might not happen over night, it might even take years. But as long as you can set yourself that goal, aim for it!

So bring on 2017. To surrounding myself with positive people, always being open to learning new things and having exciting new adventures. Never settling for anything less than what I deserve, and making sure I follow my own advice! ; )







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4 responses to “Adventure awaits……Never settle.”

  1. Anne James says:

    Your words are inspiring Gina. You are amazing and I am one local who has been in those single woman, small town shoes in my past, and know exactly what you mean. In my 60’s now I often wonder what might have been if I’d only had the courage – like you. I admire you!

    • Gina says:

      Thank you so much Anne, it means a lot that my experiences can resonate with someone else! Your words inspire me too : )

  2. Missy says:

    Great blog Gina!!! You go girl 😘 Love always xx